Inside Edge Golf

16514 W 78th St, Eden Prairie, MN 55346

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Venue Highlights

*Standard rate is for one hour of use in a standard hitting bay.  Price is per bay and NOT per person.  Generally assume 1 person per hour per 18 holes. Ex. Two people playing 18 holes = 2 hours.  Click on "Book a Tee Time" to check other rates and bay types.

Inside Edge is a family friendly facility with recently updated projectors from "aboutGolf" that provide a very clear picture with incredible levels of stats regarding your swing.  Standard bays, 3-screen bays, and large Curve screen bays available.  Nine different bays total.  70 famous golf courses playable.  Limited food and drinks avail.  Very friendly and helpful staff!  The extra large Curve screen reviewed was a real pleasure to use and highly recommended.  Rental clubs available for a cost.

Facility Description

Seven classic hitting bays, One 3-way sim surround, and one Curve screen.  Small food and drink menu.  Modern visuals and launch monitors.   Lessons avail.


Most people bring their own clubs but rentals are available for a cost.  Equipment was easy to use and staff very quick, friendly, and helpful.  Plenty of room to swing in the bays.

Visual Quality

Up to date PGA Tour simulators by aboutGolf track both club and ball movement.  Graphics look very good across 70 courses and practice areas.

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