Ugly Putters Simulator

1799 Geneva Ave N, Oakdale, MN 55128

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Venue Highlights

*Standard rate is for one hour of use in a standard hitting bay.  Price is per bay and NOT per person.  Generally assume 1 person per hour per 18 holes. Ex. Two people playing 18 holes = 2 hours.  Click on "Book a Tee Time" to check other rates and bay types.

Brand new venue that opened in 2020 featuring comfortable waiting lounge, full bar, excellent grahics with Golf Zon equipment, and a food menu with fantastic chicken nachos and other bar staples.  Unique late night special starting at 9:00 for only $25/hr.  Other specials available.

Facility Description

New facility that opened in 2020 with full bar, moderate but good food menu, couple arcade games, and generally a cozy, comfortable feel.

Hitting Bays

Four hitting bays that are on the cozy side but still allow room to swing.  Lounge area shown above is comfortable for watching games.  Everything is new and in great condition.

Physics and Graphics

Golf Zon overhead sensors seem to provide good physics that accurately reflect the ball flight while the graphics are some of the best available.

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