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We Ko Pa Golf Club

18200 Wekopa Way, Fort McDowell, AZ 85264




Peak Rate:



Twilight Rate:





Course Highlights

We Ko Pa is considered by many people and publications to be the #1 or #2 top public golf course in AZ and we can see why.  This review is for the Saguaro course which some people prefer over Cholla but they should both be excellent.  Greens, fairways, tee boxes and hazards were all in fantastic condition during our early May round.  Many public courses in AZ start seeing the effects of summer heat by this point but it seems this course stays in excellent condition year round.  The visual appeal is awesome with lots of varied vegetation and small wildlife.  Mountains can be seen in the distance all around you with very few manmade objects to interrupt sightlines.  Playability was also very good with varied holes, interesting designs, and other elements listed below.  Clubhouse is large and high-end.  Riding carts are top of the line with GPS.




Greens, fairways, and tee boxes all in excellent condition with little to improve.  Some may prefer white sand in traps but they were still excellent.




Very interesting and unique hole designs with some great sand traps.  Course was well balanced with a little more room than most public locations without being too easy.  Great job on partial forced carry decision making along with hole visibility. Excellent tee box options.


Visual Impact


As the score suggests this is a top notch example of a beautiful desert course with very little that could be improved.  The entire course and facility was a visual treat.

Additional Info and Full Size Pics

Pace of Play: Good

Walkability Score: NA - Carts w GPS Included

Notes about yardage on the course:

Rating / Slope and Tee Box Lengths (Saguaro):

Bronze - 6,966 (72.0/137)

Purple - 6,603 (70.2/132)

White - 6,252 (68.8/125)

Composite - 5,786 M(66.9/120)

Composite - 5,786 W(72.0/128)

Green - 5,061 (67.0/109)

* CONDITIONS:  Please note that conditions can change a lot on a seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly basis.  See the About Us tab for full explanation but we always recommend you contact the course for latest conditions particularly during early season and after heavy rain storms.  Our reviews attempt to give you the best idea of what the course should be like on a typical day during the season.

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